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Time Elapsed exhibition view, 2023

My interest in space is evident in my artistic research. However, a few years ago I realised that its corollary, time, was just as obsessive. I often use protocols, and this methodological approach often imposes a specific rhythm on my production, made up of slowly repeated actions. What’s more, I realised that the works that moved me the most were also charged with a similar form of commitment.

How does time affect the way we feel or the way we make art? The group exhibition Time Elapsed brought together a range of interventions and heterogeneous pieces that attempted to answer this essential question in their own way in the former printing works of the Banque Nationale in Belgium.

These different projects were installed in the highly atypical spaces of this building, which was inaccessible until recently. As I had already done for Der Rattenfänger, I did my utmost to ensure that decisions could be taken organically and collectively, integrating economic and ecological considerations into the event.

18 artists took part in this project:
Adrien Degioanni, Chloé Schuiten & Clément Thiry, Emilie Orengo, Frédéric Fourdinier, Gilbert Fastenaekens, Jacqueline Mesmaeker, Juan d’Doutremont, Julien Pik, Laurette Atux Tallau, Marie-Lou Etienne, Michel Tombroff, Nathan Lerat, Roman Signer, Steven Jouwersma, Various Artists, Werner Cuvelier

Time Elapsed Time Elapsed Time Elapsed Time Elapsed Time Elapsed Time Elapsed

> images of the presented works [pdf]
> texts & infos [pdf]