Pierre Philippe Hofmann

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   lieux communs
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   paintless post-painterly abstraction
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   time elapsed
   > der rattenfänger

exhibition view (accrochage #01), Duflon-Racz 2021 © Hofmann

Could we change our habits and consider the movement of works as an end?

With a roll of bubble wrap over his shoulder, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann leaves his house in Linkebeek to head for the Duflon Racz gallery in Ixelles. He stops among the artists who work or live along the route and invites them to join in the walk with a small, carefully wrapped work. At the same time, Frédéric Fourdinier is organising another route to the gallery, a discovery and gathering of edible wild plants, a discovery of what nature in an urban environment can offer for everyday consumption.

It's in this specific temporality that something happens. Little by little, this something becomes a shared project. Organically, linearly.

When we arrived, completely out of step with the neighbouring galleries who were finishing their vernissages, we unpacked the works and decided collectively when and how to put them in space over the following days, without any urgency.

Time Elapsed exhibition view, 2023

25 artists took part in this project:
Marie André, Elodie Antoine, Michel Assenmaker, Laurette Atrux-Tallau, Etienne Courtois, Grégory Decock, Philippe De Gobert, Natalia De Mello, Mathias Domahidy, Claire Ducène, Frédéric Fourdinier, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Pierre Hebbelinck, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann, Nicolas Kozakis, Adrien Lucca, Pierre Martens, François Marcadon, Vincent Meessen, Jacqueline Mesmaeker, Eugène Savitzkaya, Michel Tombroff, Various Artists, Mathieu Zurstrassen...