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LA BELLE IMAGE in association with Silvia Costa, 2021

stills from the choreographic film La Belle Image (2021)

The project was commissioned by the Comédie de Valence to Silvia Costa and Pierre-Philippe Hofmann. When you arrive in a new city, you immediately notice the elements that haven't been there for a long time. You see them as in a collage, recut, coloured, with pieces that have attached themselves to others over time. What is the image of a city? How is it created? Through a series of meetings and interviews with elderly people who have witnessed the transformation of the cities of Valence and Romans-sur-Isère, Silvia Costa and visual artist Pierre-Philippe Hofmann hope to shed light on what these witnesses have seen, what they remember, to give memory, even the simplest, everyday memory, a narrative quality.

La Belle Image is a three-part tour of the city. It begins at Place Saint-Jean, where the participants meet through an exhibition of their portraits and audio testimonies. Spectators are then invited to wander around Valence, observing the passage of time in each of the places mentioned in the interviews; archive images have been superimposed on reality in different parts of the city. The tour ends at the Théâtre de la Ville with the screening of a series of films, one for each participant, dealing with the opposition between movement and immobility.

stills from interviews La Belle Image (2021)