Pierre Philippe Hofmann

   portrait of a landscape
   ad libitum
   what you get is what you saw
   lieux communs
   stand by

   on time to the opening
   london notebook
   la belle image
   paintless post-painterly abstraction
   > nicht schlafen
   schwizerdütsch for beginners
   best price for you my friend
   grilles de validation

   time elapsed
   der rattenfänger

still out of the video installation Well it goes like this
behind the curtains of nicht schlafen (Les Ballets C de la B), 2017

Pierre-Philippe Hofmann has long worked for the opera and stage as a video artist. It is on this occasion that he comes into contact with the work of Alain Platel and his company. When he sees Out of context. Für Pina at the Festival d'Avignon, it is a real shock. He is emotionally moved by this choreographic performance. Following a fruitful exchange with Alain Platel at the Bijloke in Gent, Hofmann undertakes to follow the entire genesis of a future creation, nicht schlafen.

He rejects the idea of the usual documentary form or that of a making of; instead, Hofmann opts for a raw cut; without adding a narrative thread, he focuses on the raw observation of the fragile moments of creation and shows how contacts are initiated, tacitly, in an almost epidermal way.
The installation comprises a set of 6 screens with a dual logic. Each screen has its own narrative structure, but as soon as you move from one screen to another, another level of understanding is added, in keeping with the chronology of the stages of the work:

    screen #1 - warming up
    screen #2 - adjustments to the other
    screen #3 - improvisations on the Adagietto
    screen #4 - the group
    screen #5 - music and voices
    screen #6 - Berlinde de Bruyckere's horses

installation Opera Ghent, Well it goes like this
(behind the curtains of nicht schlafen (Les Ballets C de la B)), 2017