pierre-philippe hofmann

Stand By

[ 1998 - ... ]   series of C-Prints mounted on Aluminium, 100x56cm

Stand by refers to the idiom used for devices that are not in use but remain (re-)active; at any given time they can then quickly obey to their user. Of course this mode requires some useless energy because it's not turned off...

I like this in-between state, a kind of agglomerate of responsiveness and serenity. For this photographic project, I delimit a 16/9 frame (referring to narrative proportions used in the cinema) and I expect things to happen within this predefined portion of space. This frame is like an empty stage in theatre, a « locus of all possible ».

I wait patiently, most of the time for hours, for one single 'click'.
Very often, I come back without any picture taken, but even this is part of the game. This experience of waiting is somehow more important than the result [ and the only thing I am able to share is of course the result ]. Setting out this work was the discovery of a slow process, a method I have kept as a keyword for all my subsequent productions.

The work can take place anytime, anywhere and is - for this reason - a kind of ever continuing project, with an almost meditative method acting as a quest on itself.

Stand By - Chapelle-en-Vercors Isérables (CH) Saint-Gall (CH)

Stand By - Bruxelles (BE) Zürich (CH) Shanghaï (CHN)

Stand By - Bruxelles (BE) Monthey (CH) Stand By - Myvatn (ISL)

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