Pierre Philippe Hofmann

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   der rattenfänger

Grilles de Validation diptych, framed pigment prints (30x200cm)

In 1899, Cézanne was honoured by a decisive commission from the influential Paris patron Ambroise Vollard. To produce his portrait, Cézanne held 115 morning poses, each lasting two hours. Hofmann was interested in how this ritual experience must have aff ected two men caught up in divergent temporalities and issues; while one painted and applied himself to the harmonious distribution of colour notes on the surface of the canvas, the other was bored or thinking about numbers, hoping to maximise his return on investment.

On the train that takes him to work in Brussels every day, Hofmann forces himself to mechanically fill ll in 115 sudoku grids taken from the newspaper distributed to commuters. By giving meaning to the sheets that Vollard seems to be holding in his lap, the artist interrrogates the way in which a link is established between a work and its validation circuit.

Grilles de Validation, detail