Best price for you my friend

[ 2008 & 2012 ]   2 original receipts pasted on digital prints, framed under glass 2x 20x30cm

Best price for you my friend

Best price for you my friend is an art piece especially made for Art Fairs, and was later also promptly shown out of this context. This small piece is a challenge for conservation because one of its components is a receipt, an element that strongly reacts to temperature changes and to lighting.

On this receipt, if you check the items that were bought, you can also read the acrostic 'Best price for you my friend', vertically. This sentence is here a nonsense, giving you a wrong indication. You know how much the gallerist wants you to pay, but you also know how much the artist paid to make the piece. Make the difference and you'll know how much you lose by buying this impossible-to-conserve work. This is the exact price of some materialized talent!

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